Every now and then we welcome a litter of kittens. This is something we always look forward to, but also entails some concerns; for both the mother and her vulnerable kittens.

If everything goes well, it is a very beautiful, special time and something we really enjoy. We put a lot of time and love into the socialization of the kittens.

Our kittens move when they are (at least) 14/15 weeks old.

They are then cuddled a lot, used to all the daily noises, to other cats, dogs and children and visitors.

We like to get to know the new owners of our kittens. A kitten will therefore not move on the first visit. And kittens are not promised before a first visit.

Go to our kitten information page to read our breeding and kitten policy.

Our Plans

At the end of March we hope to get kittens from Amora
As soon as the pregnancy is confirmed we will reveal the male cat we used. 

If you are interested in a kitten; send me a message.

Most of our kittens will leave the house as a pet. We only offer very few kittens as breeders and only to registered and cageless cattery's, where the cats are a part of the family.

We find it important to get to know the future family of our cats. So, we would love for you to tell us a bit about yourself and your breeding vision.

We only sell cats for breeding outside the Netherlands.