Breeding policy

We are very strict when it comes to health and character; we only breed with our ragdolls if they are completely healthy and have the typical sweet, affectionate and relaxed Ragdoll character.

  • All our Ragdolls are tested for HCM/PKD/CIN both via DNA and echo.
  • Our Ragdolls are also FIV & FELV tested.
  • We only sell breeding kittens to registered catteries, outside the Netherlands and Belgium, that follow the same breeding and kitten policy as we do and have a no-cages policy.
  • We breed with the traditional colors and patterns - and thus not with Mink, Sepia or Solid.
  • We find it important to breed with no or little outcross.


Kitten policy

When the kittens are 5-6 weeks they are ready to be visited. We like to welcome our kitten buyers for several kitten visits so that we can build a bond with them and they can build a bond with the kittens - and visa versa.

When the kittens are around 9 weeks, the character becomes more visible.

  • Our kittens move when they are at least 15-16 weeks old and are declared healthy.
  • Pet kittens are neutered before departure.
  • Our kittens are fully vaccinated and chipped.
  • The kittens are dewormed several times.

We only place kittens in households where another cat is already present. (Of course it's also good - and nice for the kittens - if two of them move together). Ragdolls are social animals and do not like to be alone. I often get the question whether human companionship is not enough, but no! Human companionship cannot replace a cats desire to have another cat as a companion. We make no exceptions here!

Because of all the dangers, our kittens can't walk outside freely. We encourage a fenced-off garden or balcony; our cats love to be outside and when this can be done safely that is of course great.

When our kittens go to their new home

They get:

  • A pedigree of Mundikat (FIFe)
  • European pet passport 
  • A contract

They are then:

  • Fully vaccinated
  • Neutered
  • Chipped
  • Dewormed
  • Endlessly hugged and used to all the daily noises



Our pet kittens, who stay in the Netherlands, cost 1150 euros. This includes the sterilization / castration.

Kittens that go abroad and need extra vaccinations / extra paper work, will be slightly more expensive.

Prices for breeding are different. So far we did not sell any kittens for breeding - we are very selective. We are open though, for inquiries from serious cageless breeders.

Waiting list

It is possible to be placed on a waiting list.

Feel free to send an e-mail, it is nice if you tell us something about your home situation; are there already other cats present, is there often someone at home, are there children? 

I will not respond to short emails only asking whether there are kittens available and / or only asking about the price of a kitten.


We do not ask for a deposit; not to be placed on the waiting list and also not when the kittens are born. We do this very consciously: we want our kitten buyers to pick up their kitten, because they really want to add him/her to their family.. not because they are afraid of losing their deposit.