Plans for 2022

Baby boom

We are expecting kittens in the beginning and in the middle or March. 

Isadora is mated by Gandalf, if everything goes well we expect her kittens in the beginning of March. We expect seal bicolour kittens - with a little chance of blue.

Click here for the kittens' pedigree.


Also Amora has been together with Gandalf.
She is difficult to mate (she rolls.. and rolls.. and rolls), and even after three successful matings in the past two years, she didn't get pregnant. We didn't see any successful matings between her and Gandalf. So, we had very little hope.

But... it seems as if 2022 is the year in which dreams do come true; Amora is pregnant!!

Our special girl, finally... we can't wait to meet her kittens. She is expecting her kittens at the end of February / the beginning of March. Her kittens will be seal bicolour or seal mitted - with a little chance of blue.

Click here for the kittens' pedigree.

Lily is also mated by Gandalf. We expect her kittens around the 14th of March. We expect seal bicolour kittens, with a little change of blue.

Click here for the kittens' pedigree.

Then Colonia, she will be mated when she comes in season. We are not sure yet by whom. Most likely she will go to an outside male.



We are very picky when it comes to where our kittens move to. We put a lot of time in their socialisation and they are raised with a lot of love, so we only want the best for them.

Most of our kittens will move as pets. We are very careful when it comes to selling kittens for breeding. If we decide to do so, then only to registered catteries who have the same breeding vision as we do, with a no-cage policy and where the cats truly live as a part of the family.

It would be nice if you would tell me a little about yourself and the home situation when you decided to send an email.

Check our kitten information page for more information and our kitten price.