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Plans for 2023

Kittens are born. Amora had her kittens the 4th of April and Pandora had her kittens the 28th of April. Below you can find more information about the kittens.

We expect one more litter, out of Lucy and Cuddles. Lucy is six weeks pregnant now and already very big. Click here for the kittens' pedigree. They expect their kittens around the 23rd of May.

Kittens born

Amora & Gandalf 

Amora and Gandalfs  had three boys and a girl. The girl (seal bicolor) might be available for a small, ethical breeder. 

Amora is very special to us. If you are interested in a kitten from Amora for breeding, let me know. I will be very picky.. and would only let one of her kittens go to a small, ethical cattery.

Amora and Gandalf both have an amazingly sweet character. They both love to cuddle, they both start already purring when we just point our fingers at them or call their names. Both are also very beautiful, with very dark blue eyes. They had kittens before (Millou and Cuddles).. and they were just amazing, in type, but especially also in character. The best kittens we had so far.

Click here for the kittens' pedigree.


Pandora & Cuddles 

Also Pandora kittens are born. She was mated by Cuddles and they got three girls and a boy.  The kittens are only a week old, so way to early to say anything about their development. All kittens will be mitted, either seal or chocolate.

If the kittens develop well, one of the girls might become available for a small, ethical breeder. E-mail me for more information. We are very picky when it comes to selling our kittens for breeding. So far all our kittens went as a pet.

Cuddles is a very special young boy. He is very cuddly, he just loves to get attention. If it was up to him he would be laying on our laps the whole day.

Pandora loves to follow us around, she is wherever we are. As long as she can be around us, she is happy. So, I expect that their kittens will have very sweet, outgoing and cuddly characters.

This is Pandora her last litter. She had three beautiful litters, And even though she is an amazing mom and she always enjoys having kittens a lot, it is time for her to enjoy her life as a pet.

Click here for the kittens' pedigree.


We are very picky when it comes to where our kittens move to. We put a lot of time in their socialisation and they are raised with a lot of love, so we only want the best for them.

Most of our kittens will move as pets. We are very careful when it comes to selling kittens for breeding. If we decide to do so, then only to registered catteries who have the same breeding vision as we do, with a no-cage policy and where the cats truly live as a part of the family.

It would be nice if you would tell me a little about yourself and the home situation when you decided to send an email.

Check our kitten information page for more information and our kitten price.