Plans for 2023

Lucy & Fabio

The next litter we expect is of Lucy and RosevalleyRags Fabio.
I am so looking forward to this combination.. Fabio is a very "picky" male. He does not just mate every female. We tried him with two of our other girls, without any success.

So, you can imagine the joy I felt when Marianne told me he had actually mated her. And not only did he mate her, Lucy's pregnancy has been confirmed now.

I cannot thank Marianne enough for allowing me to use Fabio. I first saw him when he was around 8 weeks old and I immediately fell in love with him.

Click here for the kittens' pedigree.

Milou & Dusty

Later this year we have a very special combination planned. We hope to have kittens from our Dusty again. Dusty and Milou.. in my eyes this is a dream combination. Look- and character wise. 

We will have to wait for Milou to come into season.. and then we have to hope that Dusty likes her enough to mate her. Fingers crossed!

Click here for the kittens' pedigree.



We are very picky when it comes to where our kittens move to. We put a lot of time in their socialisation and they are raised with a lot of love, so we only want the best for them.

Most of our kittens will move as pets. We are very careful when it comes to selling kittens for breeding. If we decide to do so, then only to registered catteries who have the same breeding vision as we do, with a no-cage policy and where the cats truly live as a part of the family.

It would be nice if you would tell me a little about yourself and the home situation when you decided to send an email.

Check our kitten information page for more information and our kitten price.