Amoralyn Eager to Win

Pedigree name: Amoralyn Eager to Win

Petname: Lucy

Date of birth: 02-09-2021

Colour: Seal Bicolor 

Lucy is a daughter out of Pandora's second litter. This was a special mating for me and I really wanted to keep a daughter out of this litter of Pandora and Bailey. Already in the first weeks Lucy was the one "standing out" for me. She has a beautiful confirmation, has beautiful blue eyes and she is very sweet and easy going. She fits so well in with the other cats and goes very well with our dogs too. I am very happy with how she developed so far and cannot wait what she will "give" to us in the future.


Lucy's dad is Bailey - Darlinlildolls Bailey (Soulmates Joe of Darlinlildolls x Darlinlildolls Penny Lane).

Lucy's mom is Pandora - Ragville Love at First Sight (Marlcreek Hamilton of Ragville x Erijadolls Quanita).

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